Ann Maroni
Ann Maroni
My name is Ann Maroni and I am an American working as a Relocation Manager with Home Equity. For more than 6 years I have helped dozens of people and families move into and with in Singapore. Primarily I assist with housing needs but my commitment focuses on helping all personal requests; whether it be schooling choices, knowing which social clubs are in town, which religious venues exist or just knowing where to go to buy that special something. After living in Asia for over 12 years, and in Singapore for 9 years, I am very familiar with the island and what is here for everyone. I have 3 children attending 2 different International schools and my family has been very active in the community. My client base is broad and spans across many nationalities and with each client comes unique sets of requests. I am well prepared to cater to all personal requests which make for a smooth and exciting transition for most clients ready to start a new chapter of Living in Singapore. If you are moving to Singapore or would like to switch your residence, then I would be honored to serve you. Feel free to call or e-mail me. All correspondences are taken seriously and held in strict confidence.
:   Hp: (+65) 9100 8539

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